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product delivery platform

Xela offers comprehensive product development solutions to guide an innovation quickly and effectively to market. Xela’s proven Global Innovation Development Process provides product stewardship from idea generation through commercial launch. While turnkey solutions are available to every client, products may enter and exit the development process as befits each client need.

Our Global Innovation Development Process provides a formal structure through which Xela manages innovations as they move through the development cycle. While each cycle is unique, the basic structure, stakeholders, and documentation remain consistent across all projects, as follows:

  • Structure—The process is divided into four “Gates”: Discover, Refine, Implement, Launch.

  • Stakeholders—Each project has a Xela Executive Sponsor, Category Manager, and Project Engineer.

  • Documentation—The process is generic and will adjust to accommodate specific product needs such as unique engineering, functionality, or go-to-market requirements. However, all critical documentation leverages a template and remains consistent from project to project.

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