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product development

Xela’s Product Development services include Product InnovationProduct Evaluation, Industrial Design, Prototyping, and Design Engineering and for Manufacturing. Together these areas of expertise combine to ready the product for production.

Product Innovation

Nothing represents Xela’s creative drive more clearly than its Product Innovation expertise. Xela is capable of assuming responsibility for a product at any point in the innovation process, and clients often approach Xela with a market opportunity and nothing more. Xela can rapidly create an innovative product concept designed to leverage that opportunity. Clients also approach Xela with concepts that are quickly transformed into executable products optimized for full-scale production. Whether leveraging a market niche or engineering a unique product for production, Xela can partner with any organization to quickly and cost-effectively achieve its aims.


Product Evaluation

Working collaboratively with each client, Xela conducts a thorough product evaluation, researching an idea’s competitive challenges and market potential.  These insights help the team define problems, identify hidden opportunities, and structure strategic objectives and design criteria for the design exploration and manufacturing implementation. Action in this phase of the process includes but is not limited to:


  • Competitive Product Benchmarking

  • Intellectual Property Research

  • Technology/Engineering Research

  • Ethnographic, Demographic and Psychographic Discovery

  • Trend Analysis

  • Survey and Focus Group Development/Consultations/Management

Industrial Design

Xela’s dynamic design teams apply their creative talents to crafting supremely marketable products that not only meet consumer needs, but are designed to optimize the tooling, manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • Invention

  • Conceptual Development

  • Proof of Principal

  • Functional Prototypes

  • Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Human Factor and Interaction Design

  • Product Styling and Rendering

  • Material Consultation

  • Color Studies

  • Form Studies

  • Product Graphics and Textures

  • Design for Manufacturing


Xela regularly creates product prototypes during Product Development. These Proof of Principal models and ‘market-ready’ prototypes are critical to the evaluation of the functional and stylization characteristics of each product, and can help determine consumer receptivity. Xela can deliver prototyping employing a variety of methods:

  • SLA, SLS, and FDM Rapid Prototyping

  • Epoxy, Urethane and Polyester Casting

  • Low Grade Steel Mould Prototyping

  • CNC Machining

  • Metal Fabrication and Welding

  • Metal Forming and Spinning

  • RTV Molding

  • Sand Casting

  • Spray Metal and Epoxy Prototype Tooling

  • Engraving and Embossing

  • Vacuum Forming

  • Fiber Glass Fabrication

  • Woodworking and Finishing

  • Spray Painting and Finishing

Design Engineering and for Manufacturing

Xela is vigilant in ensuring that its industrial design and engineering teams create product designs that can be quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively produced. To that end, Xela incorporates engineering and manufacturing expertise from the onset of design. Xela’s design engineering capabilities include:

  • Design for Optimal Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD Software) Solid and Surface Modeling

  • Engineering of Complex Molded and Structural Components

  • Materials and Process Reviews and Recommendations

  • Tool and Part Cost Reduction Analysis

  • Preliminary Part Cost and Tooling Estimates

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Product Testing

  • Electronic Requirement Development

  • Electronic Programming and PCB Management

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Management

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

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