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global manufacturing

Xela’s global manufacturing reach extends from North America to Asia, including sites in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. To optimize the product for the consumer, Xela will leverage regional relationships around the globe to identify an ideal manufacturing base. Once a product is designed, developed and engineered to client specifications, and is carefully prepared for production, Xela guides the product into the final manufacturing phase, providing key engineering support to optimize the electronic and mechanical aspects of the production process. Xela also provides critical oversight of all manufacturing and subcontractor work, assembly, quality control, as well as procurement and shipping. This supervision includes but is not limited to:

  • Pilot production oversight

  • Direct management of design implementation with domestic and global manufacturers

  • 1st article reviews

  • Evaluation of manufacturing variation requests

  • Execution of engineering change orders

  • Updates to all engineering documentation per sample reviews

  • Benchmarking and refinement of production process

  • Support for production launch

  • Ongoing intellectual property consultations

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