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global innovation development process

Xela’s comprehensive Global Innovation Development Process encompasses the entire product development cycle. The process is divided into four “Gates” that represent key stages in the process:

The Discover Gate of the process uncovers an innovation that has global market potential. The innovation is researched and evaluated, intellectual property consultations begin, conceptual renderings are created, Proof of Principal models are developed for critical functionality testing, brand and identity activities initiate, and key project documentation begins.

During the Refine Gate, an innovation is developed into a marketable and production-ready design. All business processes, engineering requirements, manufacturing and sourcing needs, channel strategies, branding, sales collateral and key partnerships are initiated to optimize the opportunity.

During the Implement Gate, an innovation is finalized for full production and commercial launch. All related engineering, commercialization, and business initiatives are finalized and activated.

The Launch Gate streamlines an innovation for full production mode, with manufacturing moving at scale and all consumer-facing marketing initiatives underway.

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